I'm excited to announce my second product - Serum Bovine Immunoglobulin (SBI) Powder.

Benefits of Tributyrin-Max

  • Slows Intestinal Motility

    If food passes through your digestive system too quickly, leading to loose stool, tributyrin (the superior form of butyrate) is an ideal choice to firm up bowel movements and decrease bloating.* It is an ideal supplement to take while on antibiotics, which decrease the natural ability of the gut microbiome to produce butyrate.*

  • Seals up a Leaky Gut

    By nourishing the cells lining the colon, Tributyrin-Max helps repair and strengthen the colon's protective barrier.* By doing so, it encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that produce butyrate.* This can potentially reduce food sensitivities and histamine reactions, allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods.*

  • Highest Dose Capsule

    With 60, 750 mg capsules, Tributyrin-Max is the highest-dose tributyrin capsule on the market, requiring fewer pills to attain an effective dose. Tributyrin, a superior and slow-release form of butyrate, acts as a postbiotic—a beneficial substance formed when the gut microbiome ferments fiber, aiding in maintaining gut health.*

Tributyrin-Max vs. Tributyrin-X, Probutyrate and Other Comparable Tributyrin Supplements

Milligrams in bottle / Price / Price per 100 mg


 45000 mg total in bottle / $49.97 / $0.11 (60, 750 mg capsules)


45,000 mg total in bottle / $79.99 / $0.18 (90, 500 mg gel caps)


36,000 mg total in bottle / $58.00 / $0.16 (120, 300 mg capsules)

DFH Tri-Butyrin Supreme

18,000 mg total in bottle / $48.00 / $0.26 (60, 300 mg capsules)

Apex Energetics - Tributyrin 350 Active

31500 mg total in bottle / $55.99 / $0.18 (90, 350 mg capsules)

Healus Complete Biotic

30000 mg total in bottle / $52.00 / $0.17 (60, 500 mg capsules)

Plus Tributyrin-Max comes in convenient, higher dosage capsules, allowing for fewer pills to hit an effective dosage and comes from a source you can trust (Lindsey Parsons, gut health coach and host of of the podcast, The Perfect Stool).