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Slow your motility and firm up your stool


As the highest-dose capsule of the best-absorbed form of butyrate (a short chain fatty acid produced when a healthy gut microbiome ferments fiber), Tributyrin-Max is an ideal choice for people with loose stool or diarrhea. Also great for taking while on antibiotics, which decrease the natural ability of the gut microbiome to produce butyrate.*

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Trap and remove gut pathogens

Serum Bovine Immunoglobulin (SBI) Powder

If you’re having GI symptoms like bloating, pain, urgency, loose stool, hard stool, flatulence or incomplete evacuation and you’re not sure what the cause is, SBI Powder is a great choice. Derived from immune system cells from bovine plasma (so it’s dairy-free), SBI Powder binds and neutralizes a wide range of pathogens, including pathogenic bacteria, candida and LPS, without negatively impacting beneficial microbes. SBIs also help seal up a leaky gut and increase the absorption and utilization of nutrients.*

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  • Seal Up Leaky Guts

  • Offer Therapeutic Dosing

  • Calm Digestive Issues

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